Cryptocurrency Clothing Project

Time to rise above the crowd

What is ClothBitc

Clothbitc is fully decentralized and owned by its levelly community. We will build largest apparel business at the crypto history. We campaign about crypto to more people, using apparel as tool.

Apparel is a business that never dies and the one of the oldest business in the world. And we try to combine with cryptocurrency business model, so we believe it will be something largest.

We will be sure to get the same place like big brand mainstream clothing, but in different spaces. This real projection as you know our potential market is holder and crypto enthusiast which getting bigger by the day

Vision and Mission

Vision :

Be a valued clothing brand with cryptocurrency as identity brand.

Mission :
  • Being a trusted and valuable clothing brand
  • Build strong community holder
  • Create the unique and superior product
  • Keep growth up with innovation and improving product

Token Distribution

Total Supply

Total Supply Tokens
Burn Allocation Tokens
Airdrop 100.000.000 Tokens
Founder 300.000.000 Tokens
Marketing 300.000.000 Tokens
Product Development 200.000.000 Tokens
Token Sale Tokens
For detail read whitepaper, We will publish the wallet marketing and development project, so that the holder can see all the wallet transactions, we will try to be honest and transparent for every transaction and usage that occurs in the wallet.
Road Map
Development stage
  • Idea was born and written (done)
  • Set milestone for startup (done)
  • Build vision and mission (done)
  • Mapping the business strategy (done)
Startup stage
  • Whitepaper release (done)
  • Smartcontract Deploy (done)
  • Website Deploy (done)
  • Fast Audit by Techrate (done)
  • Build Community (ongoing)
  • Airdrop event (onging)
  • Crowdfunding whitelist system
  • Presale
  • Launch Pancake Swap
Growth stage
  • Build NFT T-shirt Collection (done)

  • Build NFT Smartcontract (done)

  • Openstore NFT at opensea (done)

  • Build webstore

  • Launch store at the marketplace
  • Launch sale crypto clothing project
Expansion stage
  • Apply Coingecko
  • Apply Coinmarket Cap
  • Release proposal Corporation
  • Build partnership with community crypto enthusiast
  • Build partnership with big clothing brand
Mature stage
  • Apply CEX
  • Build new ecosystem with bigger project


Crypto clothing project is a cyptocurrancy-themed clothing sales project, with a market for all holders and cyrptocurrancy fans, where 60% of the profits from the project will be distributed for buyback activities. We will publish the project income report transparently to holder every six months, at the same time we will announce the buyback activity.

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